The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services a.i.s.b.l., known as CESES, is an international not-for-profit association of 21 organisations from the member states of the European Union. The first such legal entity of its kind in Europe, it encompasses the skills of over 24,000 volunteers. Combining the vast resources of these organisations, CESES offers professional, voluntary, short-term assistance and advice to enterprises and institutions.
Intergeneration Mentoring for Entrepreneurs
San Sebastian - Oct 2016
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The aim of the event was to share the results and good practices of the project with business representatives, NGOs, students, older people and to explain the need to promote political and social intergenerational initiatives to facilitate the passing on of experience between senior and junior members of the business community, sharing the knowhow and keeping older people active in the community. Partners presented various elements of the project, the e-learning and mentoring as a means of helping businesses to succeed.
One mentor and a developing local business discussed how the project had helped them work together. The Basque Government has a Strategic Plan for the Creation of Employment; this was described together with the EfVET President explaining the European priorities for creation of employment.

The President of CESES attended from Brussels to impart his views of the value of cooperation between senior and junior people.
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Aslo present our Spanish Member SECOT :
Lucila Gómez de Baeza, founding President of Secot; the President of CESES, Jacques van Egten and the President of Secot Gipuzkoa, Graciela Imaz. They are together with coordinator of the project INTGEN - Marijo Irastorza.

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