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The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services a.i.s.b.l., known as CESES, is an international not-for-profit association of 21 organisations from the member states of the European Union. The first such legal entity of its kind in Europe, it encompasses the skills of over 24,000 volunteers. Combining the vast resources of these organisations, CESES offers professional, voluntary, short-term assistance and advice to enterprises and institutions.


CESES Workshop - Brussels, 19 March 2014 : 9h - 13h

CESES enthusiastically subscribe to the objectives of the Europe 2020 growth strategy concerning employment, innovation, education and social cohesion.

The workshop is designed to compare experiences of CESES Member Associations and of other NGO, gathering from all the EU, in helping to address social challenges and demographic changes.

The workshop will focus on functions Senior Experts and NGOs in general can play to boost lifelong learning in Europe. It will discuss the lifelong learning instruments to be developed by the EU on the base of experience gained by CESES Member Associations and other participating NGOs implementing the last adult education programs.

By this action, CESES, its MAS and its Experts want to help the EU Institutions identify best practices for future implementation of the Erasmus+ program.

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Opening,  Othmar Karas , VP European Parliament


Presentation of CESES,  Jacques van Egten, President CESES


Roles of Seniors in the economy

Pierre Mairesse, Director DG Education & Culture


The Role of Voluntary associations in fighting youth unemployment

Panel under Chair Martin Kastler, Member European Parliament

ASEP (AT) : Kurt Steitenberger, The Austrian model

SES (DE) : Susanne Nonnen, Excecutive Director, The German example VerA

The Young Foundation (UK) : Filippo Addarii, Director International Strategy

Student Ana Pfister meets Mentor Manfred Meier (DE)

Comments by audience


Integration of local key players

Panel under Chair Paul Rübig, Member European Parliament

German Ministry of Education and Research, Peter Thiele, Head of Divison

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, DIHK, Steffen Bayer, Director German Vocational Education and Training Abroad

Foundation Roi Baudouin (tbc)

Comments by audience


Future meets experience

Panel under Chair Pablo Zalba Bidegain, Member European Parliament

ECTI (FR) : Etienne Hoepffner, Vice president Compétences

SECOT (ES) : School of Entrepreneurship, Carmen Aleman Lain, Director

ISES (IT): Work Experience in the World, Enrico Gennaro, President

Duo for a job (BE): Matthieu Le Grelle, Managing Director

Comments by audience




Wrap–up and outlook, Heinz K. Becker, Member European Parliament


Networking, lunch


Location : Committee of Regions,

Van Maerlantstreet, 2, B-1040 BRUSSELS

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